David Oliver
Chief Executive
East Northamptonshire Council
“I expect any HR consultant worth their salt to be able to explain how to use MBTI or Belbin and to have a good understanding of change management.  I also expect them to be able to explain those tools and concepts, and numerous others, simply and clearly.  I want more than that.  What I look for in a consultant is the ability to recognise what’s going on within my team, to treat everyone as individuals and to help us to tackle the issues that are preventing us from working as effectively as we should.  Helen has certainly done this in delivering our Leadership Development Programme.  It’s been challenging, even a bit traumatic at times, but we’re becoming better leaders and a better team as a result.”
Rob Dixon
Head of Professional Sales
Miele Ltd
One of the best facilitators (maybe the best) I have been trained by
Jacqui Burdock
Corporate Personnel Analyst
Nationwide Anglia
Helen is the consummate professional - she really engages with her audience, on their wavelength, whatever the subject - with wit and charm.  Learning has never been so much fun (or so energising) and, we learn a lot too!
Quintin Heath
HR Director
Orange Pip have worked with us to design and deliver a successful people management programme. The programme covered self awareness, communication, performance management, coaching and feedback, and developing a highly effective team. The feedback has been so positive that to date we have run 17 of these programmes with over 290 managers throughout Twinings and other ABF companies. This programme has improved the way we manage and get the best out of people. Orange Pip have always gone that extra mile to ensure that the programme has been effective and meaningful.
Cathie Wright
People Development Manager
Volkswagen Group UK
Orange-Pip, and Helen in particular, has been integral to the delivery of the Volkswagen Group UK Development Strategy over the last couple of years. Helen delivers the coaching and mentoring programmes that we run in our business and this includes a Coaching module in our Senior Leaders programme. The feedback from the delegates is always extremely positive. The HR team are working towards their ILM accreditation in coaching under the direction and guidance of Helen. She has become a true partner of the Group and works as a personal coach with a number of our senior business leaders. I have the pleasure of co-delivering a development programme in Change Management and Emotional Intelligence and this is always a pleasurable and insightful experience thanks to Helen's enthusiasm and extensive subject knowledge

Katie Nightingale
Learning and Development
Volkswagen Group UK

Helen provided an intensive, interactive, bite size course for us which discussed Leadership & Influencing.  I was amazed at what she managed to pack into the time, and the response from the group was fantastic as they rarely have time for full day courses.  It was jam-packed full of helpful and practical tips that people could take away and develop themselves. People immediately warmed to her style of facilitation and the feedback was nothing but positive.  Great job Helen
Valda Carpenter
Training Manager
Kettering Borough Council
Orange Pip have provided leadership and management training for Kettering Borough Council since 2003.  Over the past 2 years they have implemented ILM accredited programmes which have proved extremely successful and popular with managers.  Orange Pip have also provided coaching and mentoring support for senior and middle managers. Orange Pip provide professional and high quality service in every aspect of management development.  They work closely with organisations to design the most appropriate business solutions and deliver very effective and reliable provision.
Keith Haynes
Training and Development Manager
Northamptonshire Police
I was extremely delighted at the high professional standards and creativity Orange Pip portrayed throughout the project. They worked extremely hard to identify the ‘police culture’ and offered sound solutions to our training needs. Working closely with my project manager and other key stakeholders within the Force and the Police Authority, the project was achieved through agreed milestones and final outcomes. We now have a clearly defined TNA, which has enabled us to develop a strategic plan and design and deliver a range of role-specific customer service programmes throughout the Force.”
Simon Walker
Organisational Development
Orange Pip provide superb consultancy, they work in partnership with me to create effective solutions to meet my objectives. They will always go the extra mile to ensure amazing results
Carl Barnes
Shared Service Centre Director
Orange Pip have been working on delivering a comprehensive soft skills training program for Emap's new Peterborough-based Shared Service Centre since November 2003.  During this time, every full-time member of staff has attended at least one course on a range of topics including team building, self awareness, customer service and communication amongst many others. Orange Pip worked diligently to understand our business and our people and have adapted their courses to our world view.  Having attended quite a number of the management skills courses along with my senior management team I can say that I found the expertise of the trainers, the contents of the courses and practical skills communicated to be all of the highest level. I would recommend Orange Pip to any organisation looking to invest in training their people to possess the skills needed to succeed.
Katy Everitt
Head of Organisational Development
East Northamptonshire Council
Helen is an excellent facilitator and has been working with East Northamptonshire Council for approximately 12 months; helping to develop a knowledge, skills and behaviours framework and providing management development.  Helen makes sure she understands the environment she is working in, is always flexible and focuses her outcomes on delivering results back to the business.
Jim Smith
Development Manager
F&C Asset Management
Helen designed and delivered a series of Management Development workshops in 2005/6 for over 20 managers in the business.  Not only were the workshops rated highly, but our 6 week + evaluations revealed that managers had implemented many aspects of the training, to considerable effect.  We now have a long list of excellent testimonials with which to encourage others in the business to develop their skills .
Mike Williamson
Learning and Development Manager
Northampton Borough Council
We have worked with Orange Pip on a number of change and performance programmes which have helped to support the Council and it's employees as it drives through a major cultural change programme.   Orange Pip have worked with us to fully understand our business and tailored solutions to the specific needs of our people.    We are a Council 'on the way up' and demand high standards from our employees and our partners - Orange Pip fit that criteria!"
Sue Leech
Financial Planning
Clerical Medical
"Many thanks for all your input on the programme. I found it all very insightful - I now have loads to mull over, not only in terms of coaching generally but also my management style and the goings on within my team."
Neil Bonsor
Technology Solutions Manager
Carlson Marketing
"I very much appreciate the effort that you put into the day. I was shattered when I got home. This is the start of things to come and I have already seen certain team members making a real effort to make a difference, which is brilliant. As it is the start, I want to build momentum and not let it slow down. Thanks again and well done. I will be singing your praises to the board members on Monday
Nick Wright
Training and Development Manager
"Helen has an insightful, client-sensitive approach that really helped us grasp the meaning and implications of Myers Briggs for effective leadership and teamworking."
Paul Gardiner
Energy Manager
British Sugar
"The coaching programme has allowed me to describe management problems, explore possible solutions, try them out in practise and then feedback and review the outcomes. A very practical development experience."
Darin Hess
Site Manager
Silver Spoon
"I would also like to thank you for the training received, it was both helpful and enjoyable . It has helped me change my Styles when needed but most important, I am now self-aware and believe that from this, I now demonstrate a more effective management style that will benefit both the business as well and my team. There is no doubt that coaching is an art but getting feedback from my peers, boss and team, it has all been positive, even had the comment where has the "Old Darin Gone,?" to which the reply was "Still here but in a different form !" Even turning up for all of my meetings on time !! Action plan must be working"
Allen Graham
Chief Executive
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Development in oneself is one of the hidden investments which should never be ignored. Therefore the choice of partner is essential and a completely discreet, personal and confidential service is required. Orange Pip met all my expectations in these arenas. The professionalism, understanding and insight demonstrated by Helen Askey has enabled me to find my direction, understand my ambition and develop a new found confidence which is extremely powerful and has resulted in a new energy and belief. I would highly recommend the approach adopted by Helen and her company as it provides a wider margin of added value and personal service which I do not believe can be obtained from bigger corporate companies.
Jemma Perkins
Truly excellent course... we all left feeling excited and ready for any challenges the work place would throw at us!  In fact, we felt challenges now equalled opportunities to improve!  The exercises we took part in were inspired - educational, but fun too!  All in all, a great two days and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Lynn Jackson
Operations Manager
Miele Ltd
Orange PIP worked for me! In a fast changing and growing department Helen helped me define my priorities and coached me to find the answers, some of which necessitated me to look from within. Changed some fixed aspects and helped me understand other people’s requirements /needs and what worked for them. To push back work that was not my responsibility any more. Helen also showed me how to successfully organise my day and allow myself time for a personal life outside of the office. Helen Orange Pip is my “Guardian Angel” who I mentally refer to most days! Thank You.