What we do

We use a range of psychometric tests to support our development programmes. We use ability and aptitude tests, and arrange of personality profiling – all with the same aim: to increase personal awareness and personal effectiveness.

We subscribe to the British Psychological Society’s code of conduct, and we will always give you feedback on your results.

We are accredited to use:

  • Myer Briggs type indicator
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator step two
  • Firo B, F and S
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory
  • 16PF
  • Language and behaviour profile (LAB Profile)
  • Thomas International EI
"Orange Pip have been working on delivering a comprehensive soft skills training program for Emap's new Peterborough-based Shared Service Centre since November 2003.  Orange Pip worked diligently to understand our business and our people and have adapted their courses to our world view.  Having attended quite a number of the management skills courses along with my senior management team I can say that I found the expertise of the trainers, the contents of the courses and practical skills communicated to be all of the highest level.  I would recommend Orange Pip to any organisation looking to invest in training their people to possess the skills needed to succeed."
Carl Barnes
Shared Service Centre Director