What we do
Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is currently in vogue and a buzzword in modern business.

However, you will find many differing views and much ‘pink and fluffy’ stuff written about the subject, when the reality is far more straight forward.

The definition of employee engagement we use is:

  • The passion and energy employees have to give their best to the organisation to serve the customer.

  • Willingness and ability of employees to give sustained discretionary effort to help their organisation succeed.  

Is this new?

No, not really. What is new is the focus and importance placed on employee engagement as a business value tool. For us it just makes sense –people satisfied and motivated will enjoy what they do, and will achieve more. Sounds easy….

We use engagement concepts and tools in our leadership and management development programmes, as well as offering workshops to engage you in engagement!




"One of the most practical and enjoyable learning experiences I have participated in, it is great to be recognised by the organisation through inclusion in this programme."

Peter Chaplin
Kettering Borough Council

"Inspirational, pushing, thought provoking, caring about me, challenging, fun, exciting, relevant, penny dropping, reality checking."

Nicky Youngjohns
Sales Training Manager
Miele Ltd

"I feel I got alot out of the content, I was still buzzing at 11pm last night telling my partner all about the training !!!"

Liz Hines