What we do

Coaching is an increasingly popular tool for supporting personal development.

Coaches encourage individuals to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge that will help them develop action plans to meet goals

In the coaching process coaches are seen as collaborators that work with the individual by tackling obstacles such as time management, organisation, problem solving and navigating through the learning curve by using support, encouragement, teaching skills and goal setting

Coaching is about "discovery, awareness and choice"

We firmly believe that coaching is an excellent way to improve performance.

“My coaching sessions with Orange Pip have proved revealing, rewarding and immensely valuable. In just 5 sessions my performance has improved significantly. Orange Pip's approach is intelligent, considered, insightful but also engaging and extremely enjoyable. I would highly recommend Orange Pip to anyone looking to improve their performance.”
Heidi Cartledge
Communications Manager, New Vehicle System
Volkswagen Group UK

"The coaching programme has allowed me to describe management problems, explore possible solutions, try them out in practise and then feedback and review the outcomes. A very practical development experience."
Paul Gardiner
Energy Manager
British Sugar