What we do
Career Management

Getting the best from employees is always an aim of organisations.

Getting the best from your career is often the aim of people.

How can the two sets of needs work together in order to get great results?

We can work with you to help you to define your talent management policy and process

  • How will you identify the people you want to grow, nurture and develop into future senior leaders?
  • How will you ensure there are people in your pipeline to fill your pivotal roles?
  • How can you help your people manage the way through their career?

We can help you by working with you to:

  • develop your talent management strategy
  • developing your senior managers so they can identify and nurture potential
  • create development plans for your talent stream people
  • offer career coaching to your people
  • facilitate career development workshops so people have the tools and skills to manage their own development
"Helen designed and delivered a series of Management Development workshops in 2005/6 for over 20 managers in the business.  Not only were the workshops rated highly, but our 6 week + evaluations revealed that managers had implemented many aspects of the training, to considerable effect.  We now have a long list of excellent testimonials with which to encourage others in the business to develop their skills."

Jim Smith
Development Manager
F&C Asset Management